Cyber Monday 2015 Preparation

Let’s me begin by introduce myself, I’m currently experimenting, whether I could compete in SEO competition for the upcoming

Black Friday, and Cyber Monday 2015

I spend sometimes research on how SEO work, and what does the benefit of doing SEO things.

I set the rule for myself to how I’m progressing it.

• All of the article will be my own original work, its will be written base on my experience, what I did on research, or from summary up past work of other, which I will compare/contrast these for you guys.
• All the website, blog, and SEO will be done by me. For lower COST, however, NOT lower RETURN. How?

If someone say that in the previous generation, no one would agree with it. But, it’s different now.
This is the generation where people get lazier, and extravagant. So, they invent another way, which shorten their time of work.

Well, I won’t go deeper in to the details now, shall we back off to the main topic. Cyber Monday!

Firstly, we will have  a Thanksgiving’s day, for 2015 It will be on 27th November, then Black Friday is always be the day after Thanksgiving’s day, which is Friday 28th November.
On Black Friday the major retailers who will participate in the sale will be open extremely early sometime earlier than midnight.
The sales will be huge, and it’s comprehensive on every category of goods. From electronic device, fashion, games, program, or LUXURY GOODS!

(The last bit is what I’m waiting for)
All the LUXURY BRAND, will be discounting more than half. It’s the only time where commoner like me can get my hand on it. luxury brands, luxury belts,
and LUXURY WATCHES, every single of them compete, in order to clear all their stocks,
and compete for the total sales at the end of year. They desperate to sell, and we desperate to buy.
But it’s only 24 hours, that’s not enough time to get everything we listed.

and.. here it’s come the CYBER MONDAY, its new choice for our generation, which I believe this 2015’s transaction trend will be much higher from the previous years.
In Cyber Monday, we don’t need to walk all around the town, queuing for expend in a crowded shop.
We just sit back, or maybe lay on the bed, with your computer, smart phone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or whatever iFamily,
the crucial key here will be the speed of internet on their house, and as internet bring all the shop into our monitor,
we can compare all the price, whose get the lowest price will be the winner in this day.

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Tag Heuer will also be participate in Cyber Monday,
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