TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1 Review

TAG Heuer Women’s Formula One Stainless Steel

The reason they named this series “TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1” is that the advanced feature in this watch is inspired by the performance of the MCLAREN Formula 1 Team.
The TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1 is worn by many champion drivers.
Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova helped design the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady.
The fashionable mix of steel and ceramic, elevated by the dazzle of diamonds to create watches that are strong and feminine, contemporary and timeless.

TAG-Heuer-Women-Formula-One-Cyber-Monday-Deals-cybermondaynight (9)


For this model they combines the best of both :
– steel — ceramic
– reliable — chic
– masculine — feminine
TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1 is suitable for sporty women who like to looks mysterious.

The first feature of TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1 is that, its hands and indexes are coated with luminescent material for enhanced visibility in the dark or underwater.
This is very useful when you are outside, and it’s dark around. You don’t need to turn on your smart phone just to watch the times,
but you can see it fasinately on your TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1.

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Next, just like the Aquaracer the sporty series, the face of TAG Heuer Womens’  Formula 1 is made by scratch resistant sapphire crystal for excellent durability.
As always, Sapphire is so hard that only a diamond can scratch it.

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The Screw on the Formula 1 is in crown shape, it’s big but fit well with its design. It’s easy to grip as it’s that big.

TAG-Heuer-Women-Formula-One-Cyber-Monday-Deals-cybermondaynight (7)


TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1 is also a water-resistant Luxury Watch, unlike the Aquaracer Series, where they can endure up to 500M in the water,
Formula 1 can endure up to 200M, which is already quite higher than standard for the Luxury watches.

Other great thing about this model is that you can dress with any dress you like, and it’s still suit you.

*The last bit I would mention is that the face size is 37 mm, it’s suit for average women’s wrists,
but if you think your wrist are a little small, you would reconsider looking to other model with face size of 32 mm.
However, if you don’t mind big watch on your wrist, you definitely have to get this model.

TAG Heuer Women’s WAH1211.BA0861 “Formula One” Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Let’s take a Closer look in a video below :

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Technical Specification

* Depending on the model, for this review, we use the Stainless Steel as our example.

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