TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1 Review

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TAG Heuer Women’s Formula One Stainless Steel

The reason they named this series “TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1” is that the advanced feature in this watch is inspired by the performance of the MCLAREN Formula 1 Team.
The TAG Heuer Women’s Formula 1 is worn by many champion drivers.
Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova helped design the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady.
The fashionable mix of steel and ceramic, elevated by the dazzle of diamonds to create watches that are strong and feminine, contemporary and timeless.

For this model they combines the best of both :
– steel — ceramic
– reliable — chic
– masculine — feminine
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Cyber Monday Deals 2014 – Reasons to shop


So, what of it the ” Cyber Monday Deals 2014 “?

Let’s take sometimes learning some facts :  Why you should shop on Cyber Monday Deals 2014, instead of other days?

The first day that began all the super sale was on Thank’s Giving Day, and was began long times ago. People enjoy this day so much, both retailers, and shoppers.
However, Just 1 Day is never enough for us shopping maniac.

They continued to sale on the day after Thank’s Giving Day, and called it “Black Friday” (this started 10-15 years ago)
All the retailers who stocked up their spring season’s stocks and didn’t sell all of them, got their account becoming “red” or negative, the retailers kicked off another day,
and try to clear out their unsold stuff by a big discounts. This turn their account back into the black.

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 500M 44m Review


TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 500M 44m

The Aquaracer Series, as their name, they are water-resistance Luxury Watches. So, it’s suitable for people who like sport, and would like to be elegant.
However, the water-resistance function itself is not permanent.
They used rubber seal to resist against water entry, but, after continuous pressure its performance drop down a bit. Laughing Out Loud
No worry, you can go check-up annually to ensure the rubber seals condition.

From the design, they are suitable for the sporty younger generation, especially the rubber strap models.
The rubber strap is comfortable and incredibly easy to adjust to your size.

In polished steel strap models they are still wearable for middle ages man.
With its formal look it’s improving your image.

With 44 mm. face TAG Heuer Aquaracer is large … Continue reading