Hack Cyber Monday in 5 Steps

5 Steps to Hack Cyber Monday

OK, it’s not really an actual illegal hack Cyber Monday, it’s step to help you get through the day.

Let’s start Hack Cyber Monday!

1. At least a week before you hack Cyber Monday, you have to prepare your wish list, the list of goods you want to buy, the categories of products that are good to buy are; Clothing, Shoes, Luxury watches, Video games, and DVDs. However, other than this are still OK as well.

Just a few Tips from me, you guys can follow your favorite brand or retails on social media, and stay close to get a coupon, or promotion.
If you going to shop for an apparel, make sure you mark down all the sizes that fit you for each brand.

for my example I would say :

TAG Heuer Men’s WAK2180.FT6027 Aquaracer Analog Display Swiss Automatic Black Watch


Click on the image for Deals

2. Now, I need you to go deeper in the detail of each goods you list from the first step. We need to check for the price that every producer provided, both the price on the official’s website, the retail’s website, on Amazon, or even on the proper shop. Then we mark the price down.

Shop Price = Would be about 3400 USD 


Click on the image for the Source

Amazon Price = 2100 USD


Click on the image for the Source

So, 3400-2100 That’s will be 1300 USD in the different.
In this process, you can grab it now if the different is huge, but if you are not in a hurry, then go to next step.
Hack Cyber Monday!

3. Let’s pretend it’s Cyber Monday Today, the reason I told you guys to check the price on a week before Hack Cyber Monday in the last step is that, in Cyber Monday when people see a discount sign, they tend to buy without checking. They just can’t be slow, because other people might just take that great deal before them. So, some of the retailer take advantage of this, and mark the prices higher than what actually it is, and put it with the sale sign. Thank for the research from the last step, that’s help us out.


Scam Bait

Just remember that, you can message the provider, to bargain for the lower price, or just to ask for any special coupon, as it’s a Big Shopping Day.

4. Check the price different, this will help you decide on, which you should be buying, and which shouldn’t be. Don’t forget to use your discount coupon if you have one.
Then checkout, make sure you have prepared a way to pay through internet. (Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal)


Shop Happily

5. Wait for your order to ship, and enjoy it! It’s important to enjoy what you had ordered, even when you find a cheaper price later on, just be optimistic, and trust in your instinct.
Sometimes, the Cyber Monday Deals can be just too good to be true.

Oh, and make sure to check out on our website http://cybermondaynight.com before doing any shopping!

Click here to start your first step now!

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